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The National Historical Publishing Company was established on 1 Feb 1988. The primary objective was to publish library quality books based on material located in the National Archives in Washington, DC. These books were published to make genealogical or historical research of the records much quicker, easier and less expensive than by visiting the archives in person. The data within the introduction of each of the books explains how to order the necessary forms to allow an individual to purchase copies of specific records by mail using the information provided in the entries. All of the books are printed on acid free paper with extremely good quality buckram covers and are offered to the public at a considerable savings over the purchase price of the records on microfilm. The books are in an index format or are furnished with a complete full name index at the end of a book or set of books. Some of books in the index format will contain a cross-reference index to those persons other than the claimant or recipient mentioned in the body of the main index. Each of these books were assigned an ISBN (International Standard Book Numbering) number as well a LCC (Library of Congress Catalog Card) number and are covered by copyright.

Genealogical Abstracts Of Revolutionary War Pension Files

Index To Revolutionary War Service Records

Index To Georgia Civil War Confederate Pension Files

Register of Florida CSA Pension Applications

Index to Texas CSA Pension Files

Index To Mexican War Pension Files

Index to War of 1812 Pension Files

Index to US Military Pension Applications of Remarried Widows 1812-1911

Index To Old Wars Pension Files 1815-1926

Index To Medal of Honor Recipients 1863-1978

Index to Volunteer Soldiers in Indian Wars and Disturbances 1815-1858

Index to Pension Applications for Indian Wars Service between 1817 and 1898

Index To Volunteer Soldiers 1784-1811


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